Whale Pass Bear Abode, Best Value in DIY Trophy Black Bear


To hunt Black Bear, nonresidents must draw a tag. The application period is during the months of November and December roughly 18 months prior to the hunt. We provide a cabin rental and you do the hunt DIY either off the road system or from a skiff. Rental vehicles are available either in Ketchikan or on Prince of Wales Island. We can help you arrange a skiff. We are at the cabin bear hunting from early May through the end of baiting season, June 15th, each spring. This is a great DIY opportunity for a large, usually P&Y class bear at a very reasonable price. I've killed my best Sitka Blacktail bucks from the cabin. However, deer hunting on POW Island is tough. My summer Sitka hunts are the most physically challenging hunts I do, they are not for everyone.